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Suicide Prevention & the Workplace:
How to Promote Workforce Wellness & Culture Change

April 19, 2022 | 60 Minutes

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Workplace Prevention

National guidelines, best practice toolboxes, action steps, and more to help you prevent suicide in the workplace.


Lived Experience

Inspiring stories of living and working with mental health challenges, including suicidal experiences. Resources for families, including young people, who have lost a loved one to suicide.


Webinar Slides - Colleen Carr

Colleen Carr, Director for the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (Action Alliance) at EDC, shares why it's important to address suicide prevention in the workplace with facts on suicidal behavior, deaths, and costs associated.


Webinar Slides - Cal Beyer

Cal Beyer, Vice President of Workforce Risk & Worker Mental Wellbeing at CSDZ, A Holmes Murphy Company, shares his examples of integrating mental health resources and removing barriers in the workplace.


The workplace is a crucial setting in the nation’s collective suicide prevention strategy. Employers who promote mental health and wellness and prepare for swift and supportive intervention strategies, including when crises occur, will not only reduce the risk of suicide in the workplace, but can increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and ROI.

What is the ideal role of employers, managers and coworkers in suicide prevention? How can workplace culture best promote wellness, help seeking, and protect those at risk?

In this 60-minute event Colleen Carr, Director of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention at EDC, will speak with Michelle Tenzyk and Cal Beyer, two national experts on suicide prevention in the workplace to:

  • Outline key crisis prevention, intervention, and postvention strategies
  • Provide a “state of the union” of the current work accomplished and underway
  • Discuss the individual challenges of seeking help
  • Highlight how workplace culture can be changed to better promote wellness and protect those at risk
  • Orient attendees to the many resources available to support their change efforts

Colleen Carr, MPH

Director for the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (Action Alliance) at EDC

Colleen Carr brings nearly two decades of public health experience to leading the nation’s public-private partnership for suicide prevention charged with advancing the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention. Current key Action Alliance national initiatives include efforts to transform health systems to reduce suicide, strengthen community-based suicide prevention, and change the public conversation about suicide and suicide prevention. In her role as director, Carr cultivates partnerships to bring new, nontraditional partners to suicide prevention, including federal and private sector leaders from diverse industries such as business, defense, entertainment, faith, health care, insurance, news media, public safety, transportation, and veteran services. Carr brings high-level expertise in suicide prevention, policy analysis, system-level change, strategic communications, and media relations. Prior to joining EDC, Carr worked with the Massachusetts/Rhode Island Poison Control Center at Boston Children’s Hospital and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Carr holds an MPH from Boston University and a BA in Public Policy Analysis from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Michelle Tenzyk, MBA

CEO & Founder, East Tenth Group

As the CEO & Founder of East Tenth Group, Michelle leverages 25 years of business and experience as a strategic advisor and executive coach to partner with C-suite leaders and CEOs on elevating their leadership for greater impact. Her expertise comes from a breadth of experience leading HR across many prestigious companies and serving on executive teams. Her work helps to create company cultures that sustain deep engagement and produce noticeable results for growth enterprises and middle market companies. Michelle has lived experience with depression, anxiety and multiple suicide attempts. She founded the movement, The Truth Behind Our Titles® ~ Strength, Resilience and Hope for the Professional Journey in 2014. The movement’s intent is to bring down the walls of stigma around mental health in the workplace. Michelle currently serves on the Board of The Stability Network and dancker. She is a Coach for Chief and a Senior Fellow of The Sierra Institute.

Cal Beyer, MPA, CWP, SCTPP

Vice President, Workforce Risk & Mental Wellbeing at CSDZ, A Holmes Murphy Company

Cal Beyer, CWP, is the Vice President of Workforce Risk & Worker Mental Wellbeing for Holmes Murphy & Associates, a firm dedicated to construction risk management serving construction companies nationwide. Previously, Beyer served as Director of Risk Management at construction company Lakeside Industries, Inc. in Issaquah, WA from 2014 until 2020. Beyer has over 30 years of professional experience in risk, insurance and safety management and business consultation. He has extensive experience in strategic risk improvement and risk management best practices. He is a multi-industry thought leader, and a catalyst for sustainable cultural change. Beyer was an inaugural member (and Co-Lead; 2015-2017), of the Action Alliance's Workplace Task Force. Since 2015 he catalyzed a strategic media campaign in the construction industry to increase awareness, advocacy and action on mental health and suicide prevention. Beyer’s vision is to create a reproducible model for other industries encouraging larger employers to develop guidelines to integrate suicide prevention into corporate safety, health/wellness, human resources, employee benefit, workers compensation, integrated disability management and labor relations programs.

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