Emergency Department Suicide Prevention Care Support for Patients & Providers

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Jaspr Health empowers delivery of evidence-based suicide care at scale, optimizes provider workflow, and improves patient experience.

For Providers

Optimized Provider Workflow                                                                                  Jaspr Health is integrated into your organization’s workflow to best provide support for your staff. 

Standardized Suicide Risk Assessment                                                                Jaspr Health’s digital assistant provides patients with evidence-based comprehensive suicide risk assessment, helping providers assess their patients with ease and at scale. 

Crisis Stability Plan                                                                                                      Jaspr Health  helps providers create, review, and finalize a digital and personalized crisis stability plan for each patient. 

For Patients

Comfort & Skills                                                                                                            Coping skills to help calm down by way of psycho education skills in the emergency department and at home. 

Shared Stories                                                                                                                Videos from people who have lived experience with suicide share peer support messages of guidance and hope. 

Jaspr at Home                                                                                                                       A companion mobile app provides ongoing evidence-based support after the visit. 

Jaspr at Home allows patients to view their favorited Jaspr Content while providing a comprehensive crisis stability plan they can access from their cell phone or tablet.

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We’re committed to helping you access evidence-based suicide care practices digitally to provide easy access and to support patient care in hospitals. Please reach out to see how Jaspr can work for you. 

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