Emergency Department Suicide Prevention for Patients & Providers

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Jaspr Health empowers evidence-based suicide care at scale, optimizing provider workflow and improving patient outcomes and experiences.

Optimize Provider Workflow

Jaspr Health’s digital assistant collects comprehensive suicide risk assessment data and guides the patient to draft a crisis stability plan to cope and reduce access to lethal means.

Easy-to-use clinical decision support aids disposition decisions and evidence-based care.

Improve Patient Experience

Comfort & Skills
Coping skills soothe agitation and distress, supporting recovery in the emergency department and at home.

Shared Stories
Videos from people who have lived experience with suicide share peer support messages of guidance and hope.

Jaspr at Home
A companion mobile app provides ongoing evidence-based support after the visit.

Learn How We Can Help

We’re committed to helping you prevent deaths of despair and address the enormous operational, regulatory, and financial strains you face. Please reach out to see how Jaspr can work for you.