Emergency Department Suicide Prevention for Patients and Providers

Funded by NIMH and developed in partnership with leading health systems. Jaspr Health empowers emergency departments to reduce costs and save lives.

Suicides per Day (United States)

An Urgent Need

In the escalating battle to stop suicide, hospital emergency departments are the front line. Despite gold-standard practices proven to save lives, few emergency departments are equipped to implement them – creating enormous operational, regulatory, and financial strains. The human cost is even greater.

What if you could increase patient satisfaction while decreasing unnecessary hospitalizations and reducing length of stay?

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Clinical decision support allows emergency department staff to assess the patient and deliver evidence-based care.
Video peer support offers messages of hope and guidance from people who have lived through their own suicidal struggles.
Coping skill, exercises, and tools provide therapeutic activities tailored to support recovery in the emergency department and at home.
Safety plan intervention helps patients, family, and friends identify warning signs, coping strategies, and where to seek help post discharge.

The Best of Suicide Science

Built on the gold-standard Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS) clinical philosophy of care and informed by those with lived experience, Jaspr Health empowers patients to help themselves and providers to deliver evidence-based care.

Easily integrated into emergency department workflow, Jaspr Health assures standardization of care and provides audit-ready documentation for compliance with new JCAHO standards.

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