Why Jaspr?

Jaspr Health revolutionizes delivery of evidence-based suicide care at scale for use in a hospital care environment, including the emergency department.

Helps Stabilize the Suicide Crisis in Hospital Care and Increases Suicide-Related Coping 

Patients gain hope and wisdom from people with lived experience and learn behavioral skills to help reduce agitated and distressed feelings and develop a coping plan while in the hospital and after returning home. 

Supports Delivery of Evidence-Based Suicide Care 

Jaspr Health aims to provide a tool to deliver evidence-based suicide care to support patient discharge from the hospital, and potentially reductions in restraint episodes, agitation and distress. 

Improves Patient Hospital Experience 

Jaspr Health is intended to increase delivery of Joint Commission required safety planning. Jaspr Health could help hospitals achieve goals of receiving better ratings of hospital experience, by increasing access to evidence-based clinical care.   

Hear from Suicide Experts on Benefits of Jaspr Health

David A. Jobes, PhD, ABPP
Professor of Psychology, Catholic University of America

Dr. Julie Goldstein Grumet
Director of Zero Suicide Institute

Paul Goering
Former VP for Mental Health and Addictions Services, Allina Health

89% of All Crisis Patients in EDs recommend Jaspr Health 

 “…an app that makes me feel like I have another person there with me to guide me through … 

It’s one of the best experiences that I’ve had ever in a hospital.” 

– A patient in the ED using Jaspr Health 

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