Jaspr Health Awarded $2.6M, Multi-Year NIMH Grant to Prevent Suicide in Juvenile Justice Involved Youth

By May 3, 2021 December 15th, 2021 News

SBIR grant will be used to further develop iKinnect, a suicide prevention mobile app for suicidal youth involved in the Juvenile Justice system and their caregivers, including assuring a culturally appropriate fit for Black youth

SEATTLE — Jaspr Health, a Seattle-based behavioral health digital technology company, announced today that it was awarded a three-year Small-Business Research Innovation (SBIR) fast-track award of $2.6M to further develop and deliver iKinnect, a paired mobile app solution for suicidal youth involved in the Juvenile Justice system and their caregivers. Because of the disproportionate rising rates in suicide among Black youth, iKinnect will be designed and tested for cultural fit for Black youth.

This project expands Jaspr Health’s platform for use by suicidal teens, including Black youth, and their parents within a mobile technology environment.

The iKinnect project brings together a team of leading youth suicide researchers from across the country, people with lived experience, as well as scholars and community leaders seeking to impact the unique issues of Black youth suicide.

“The iKinnect mobile technology we are developing has the potential to significantly reduce suicide and improve overall outcomes for youth who often have few other behavioral health resources,” said Linda Dimeff, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at Jaspr Health and the project’s Principal Investigator. “Few things are as challenging in life as caring for a suicidal child, let alone a suicidal child who is involved in the Juvenile Justice system. iKinnect not only supports the child, but gives parents the support and guidance they need right on their mobile devices.”

This is an outstanding tool for suicidal youth and their families”, said Joan Asarnow, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA and leading youth suicide expert serving as a consultant to this project. “Plans for iKinnect include the best of what we know works in reducing youth suicide. Its potential for saving lives is tremendous.”

About Jaspr Health
Jaspr Health combines evidence-based behavioral health interventions, the wisdom of people with lived experience, and the accessibility of digital technology to empower patients and providers with the best care at the point of need. The Jaspr Health Platform supports patient at risk for suicide on a digital device in the emergency department.  A companion mobile application, Jaspr-at-Home, extends that experience and support, to daily life after the initial point of contact. Jaspr Health’s products are patient-endorsed, peer-reviewed, and rigorously tested. For more information, visit www.jasprhealth.com.

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