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What is Jaspr Health?

Jaspr Health is a digital suicide-care platform that improves the patient experience and optimizes provider care.  It transforms traditionally long ER wait times with immediate access for patients to on-demand guided assessments and powerful videos of survivors with lived experiences to deliver compassionate care and instill hope when it’s needed most, both in the hospital and at home with a companion mobile app.

It empowers health systems to reduce risks and costs with standardized evidence-based protocols to help stabilize patients – such as suicide risk assessments and crisis stability planning – so they can build trust and extend support through care transitions without any additional burden on their staff.  It was co-designed by suicide science experts and people with lived experience to help save lives.

Jaspr Messaging Pillars

1. Improves patient experience

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2. Optimizes provider care

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3. Reduces health system risks & costs

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Jaspr Health is a trusted, digital suicide-care platform with automated, evidence-based protocols that improves the patient experience, optimizes provider care, and empowers health systems to reduce their risks and costs, ultimately saving lives.


Jaspr at Home

 A companion mobile app that provides ongoing evidence-base support to help during the high-risk transition that follows hospital discharge to least-restrictive alternative settings or home.  



Drs. Kelly Koerner and Linda Dimeff are internationally-recognized leaders in bringing evidence-based practices to real-world settings through new technologies. For more than two decades, they have designed, built, and deployed innovative solutions to improve care and outcomes for people with behavioral health disorders.  View the 30+ National Institutes of Health grants awarded to Drs. Dimeff and Koerner.

Kelly Koerner, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

An expert clinician and trainer in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Kelly has spent her career developing innovative ways to close the gap between scientific research and how clinicians practice. Since co-founding her first behavioral health training company in 1997, she has given life to multiple behavioral technology ventures, including BTECH Research, Practice Ground, and Evidence-Based Practice Institute, LLC. Kelly is also adjunct clinical faculty at the University of Washington and the author of Doing Dialectical Behavior Therapy: A Practical Guide.
Linda Dimeff Bio Pic

Linda Dimeff, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

With more than 30 federal grant and over 50 peer-reviewed publications, Linda is recognized as one of the world’s most preeminent DBT and Substance Use Disorder experts. She has partnered with Dr. Koerner on multiple ventures, including BTECH Research and Evidence-Based Practice Institute, LLC. and serves as adjunct faculty at the University of Washington. She is also principal owner of Portland DBT Institute, which employs 30 clinicians in two Oregon locations and Heal, Thrive, Grow Behavioral Health, Inc., a private practice group serving adults and adolescents.

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