Jaspr Health Publishes Findings from Clinical Trial with Acutely Suicidal Patients in Emergency Departments (ED)

By March 9, 2020 December 15th, 2021 News

Findings from randomized controlled trial support Jaspr Health’s effectiveness to improve quality of suicide care for suicidal persons in the ED. In comparison to usual care, Jaspr Health patients were significantly less distressed and agitated, reported greater capacity to cope with suicidal thoughts, were more satisfied with their ED visit, and received more evidence-based suicide care. 

SEATTLE — Jaspr Health, a Seattle-based behavioral health digital technology company, announced today that research findings from its randomized controlled trial (RCT) of Jaspr Health were published in Journal of Medical Internet Research, a peer-reviewed journal. The study was conducted at Mayo Clinic located in Rochester, MN and Allina Health, in Minneapolis, MN.

In addition to its strong research, 100% of Jaspr Health study participants endorsed its use for others in similar circumstances – in the suicidal seeking psychiatric crisis services in the ED. One patient commented, “It’s crazy that an app makes me feel like I have another person there with me to guide me through … It’s one of the best experiences that I’ve had ever in a hospital.”

“It makes a lot of sense that people in the midst of a suicide crisis in the scary ED environment loved Jaspr Health and found it really helpful”, said Study Principal Investigator and Chief Scientific Officer Linda Dimeff, PhD. “Jaspr Health brought evidence-based suicide care to their bedside and gave them help for their problems. And they were surrounded by inspiring stories of people with lived experience who offered guidance, understanding, and hope.”

Multiple suicide attempt survivor and Lived Experience Advisory Board Chair Topher Jerome highlighted the benefit of Jaspr Health this way: “There’s an incredible amount of trauma being a mental health patient in the hospital. You’re locked into a room, or you’re handcuffed; you’re in restraints in the hallway. You wait for hours and hours not knowing what’s going to happen. When you do get to talk to people, it’s strictly triage: Where are we going to put them? There’s no direct interventions or skill-building or counseling. It’s just Assess-and-Go.”

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About Jaspr Health
Jaspr Health combines evidence-based behavioral health interventions, the wisdom of people with lived experience, and the accessibility of digital technology to empower patients and providers with the best care at the point of need. The Jaspr Health Platform supports patient at risk for suicide on a digital device in the emergency department.  A companion mobile application, Jaspr-at-Home, extends that experience and support, to daily life after the initial point of contact. Jaspr Health’s products are patient-endorsed, peer-reviewed, and rigorously tested. For more information, visit www.jasprhealth.com.

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